is a web application with which you can view Heroes of the Storm statistics parsed from player-submitted replay files.

View your favorite hero's stats, or visit your own personal player page to see your recent matches, hero, and map statistics.
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  • Updated to include new 2.33.0 Rework patch, cycling out oldest 2.32.0 Deckard patch.
  • Implemented frequently requested 'Heroes Statslist' for Player profiles. Viewable by clicking the 'Heroes' tab inside of a player profile. Allows players to view their seasonal performance for all heroes in a sortable table, with a larger variety of filter options.
  • Updated to include new 2.32.2 Balance patch, cycling out oldest 2.31.x Balance patches.
  • Re-added Master Rank filter option.
  • Updated to include new 2.32.0 Deckard patch, cycling out oldest 2.30.6 Balance patch.
  • Added 'Angel Supporter' Patreon tier.
  • Updated to include new 2.31.2 Balance patch, cycling out all filter options for patches older than the 3 most recent updates.
  • Consolidated filters to consist of frequently used options, finally allowing for comprehensive computation of all filter combinations. Previously, all possible combinations used to number in the billions, now that number is reduced to less than 40,000 making full filter-computation coverage feasible. This will remove any possibility of a user being served stale data in the future, even for infrequently visited filter combinations.
  • Added a search bar to 'talents' page friend/foe matchup tables (much like the one found on the 'heroes' page), allowing you to much more quickly find hero/role counters or synergies!